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Affiliate Programme

Earn Passive Income Through Our Affiliates System,We Provide all Affiliates Fair andTransparent Revenue Sharing with no hidden Charges.Few Simple Steps before you startEarning lifetime Revenues.

  • 1) ( Submit Application )
    Start by contacting our Service hotline to fill up application form,Upon successful application you will become part of the Most rewarding Revenue Sharing Programmes around.
  • 2) ( Promoting )
    Goldbet888 Affiliates Programme offers all partners advanced marketing tools to attract new members.Some Example of Sharing medium includes: Facebook,Blogs,MicroBlogging,QQ,Wechat,Line,Telegram,Forums,Websites,Emails,SMS,Etc. Registered members will automatically becomes a lifetime downline,start earning Your dividends once your downline makes his first Deposit.
  • 3) ( Start Earning )
    Earn Higher Revenues and profits by inviting more members to become your downline,make full use of our Marketing tool to unlock your potential.

Commission Plan

We offer one of the most Competitive Revenue sharing Package in the Market


Monthly Total Nett Profit Commission Poker Monthly Active Member
0 - 19,999 15% 0.10% Min 3
20,000 - 49,999 25% 0.10% Min 5
50,000 - 99,999 35% 0.20% Min 10
100,000 Above 45% 0.30% Min 15
  • All Affiliates Payout date will be on the 2nd of Every Month
  • All commissions will automatically be updated by system,Upline should maintain their minimum number of active members monthly.
  • Negative Balance of commissions will be brought forward to next accounting month for deductions.
  • Example of Calculation: ( Total Company Win Under Affiliates Downline Minus Total Amount of Bonus Claimed By Affiliates Downline ) x % of commission
  • ( Company Total Win : $30,000 - Bonus Claimed $10,000 ) = $20,000 x 25% = $5000
  • When a member fails to Comply,violates or abuse any offers or promotions of the company Terms & regulations, or we have any evidence that there are any groups or individuals associated with the investment under a series of bets,to gain and profit from our Promotion, We reserve the right to stop this groups or individuals or cancel offers or discounts reclaim paid dividends. In addition, the company also reserves the right to deduct these customers preferential dividend equivalent value of the administrative costs to compensate for our administrative costs.
  • Goldbet888 General Terms Conditions Applies.